My Top Ten Favorite Vines

Vine will always live on in our hearts.

My Top Ten Favorite Vines

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor

Ah, Vine. The app where people posted random six-second videos for the world to see. Who knew it would be such a hit with our generation? That’s why when it closed down about a year ago, it took a part of our hearts with it. In honor of Vine 2, I decided to share my top ten favorite (school appropriate) vines, because why not? Just to be clear, we are not recommending you attempt to recreate these vines, as some of the actions in these videos could lead to injury.

Number 10: Bunny jumps into trashcan

There are many questions here. Why is that bunny jumping into a trashcan? Why is it being filmed? Is there something in there? Does it do this often? Basically, I like this vine because it perfectly describes my motivation at the end of last semester.

Number 9: Goose spying on another goose


Not only is the timing on this totally perfect, but the way that this is filmed makes it all that much better.

Number 8: IT’S GONNA BE ME

We’ve all been this person; rocking out in our car to NSYNC. If you deny this fact, you’re lying.

Number 7: Honestly, I don’t even know what to title this vine

What is even going on in this vine???? What is the end goal? Why are they pulling this kid up to the ceiling with all their strength? Where is their teacher? Regardless, this still makes me think of the fond memories I made during freshman gym class.

Number 6: hOw dO yOu KnOw WhAt’S gOoD fOr mE?

That’s my opinion!!! We have all been in a situation like this before, but this vine makes it funnier with the distortion

Number 5: America explain!!!!!!!!!

This one isn’t a real vine, but this is my list and I make the rules here. Plus, it’s too funny not to include. I actually never noticed the spelling similarities before, but once you see it you can never go back. Now every time I see Arkansas, I pronounce it Ar-kansas

Number 4: Dog has a spaghetti dinner with Zayn

The way this was pieced together is a real work of art. The dog coughing up spaghetti, Zayn looking really disappointed, this whole vine is a work of art.

Number 3: Road work ahead?????

Again, a work of art. The zoom, the music in the background, the dad joke; it’s all magnificent. I just wonder how many takes they had to do in order to get this one just right.

Number 2: wHeRe’D yOu LeArN tO dRiVe?? w  h  a  t?

At first glance, it looks like this dog is actually driving! However, once look closer, they’re just in a parking lot. Again, the timing is beautiful, and the voice this person does gets an A+ from me.

Number 1: Birds running from waves (warning, this one is kinda loud)

I don’t really know why this is my favorite vine of all time, but it is. The music fits it absolutely perfectly, and because the music is kinda loud it just makes it even better. Just look at their little legs go!