Lovestruck Week: Couples of North

Maddie Waters, Contributor

According to senior Angeline Dannecker, it has been approximately 11,832 hours since her relationship with her best friend and boyfriend Nathan Syring. The two will be separating after graduation when Angeline heads to college and Nathan pursues a two-year mission through his church. Despite the distance, Angeline and Nathan are optimistic for the future. In fact, Angeline is excited to see where life takes each of them, and Nathan has vowed to take Angeline on a date as soon as he returns from his mission. The two are widely regarded as one of the senior class’ cutest couples, and I have come to find that this title is well-deserved.


I asked Angeline and Nathan a few questions in celebration of Appleton North’s Lovestruck Week:


How long have you been together?

Nathan: “…since the West Homecoming game of 2016. We were pretty awkward for a few months though, I’m sure. But it’s been an absolutely fabulous year and a half.”


How did you meet?

Angeline: “Band! (He’s been a loud trumpet player since freshman year).”

Nathan: “Band. She was really cute, and I was just…hooked? I had an instant crush. So I tried to flirt, or what I thought passed for flirting. But it worked!”


Do you have a special song together?

Angeline: “He sings tons of Michael Bublé  to me, but ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ comes up the most.”

Nathan: “We have a whole bunch of songs! I sang “You Make Me Feel So Young” to her first. I sing all sorts of songs that say I love her in lots of different ways.”


Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

Angeline: “Making a mess cooking breakfast!”

Nathan: “Well…cook? Breakfast. Chocolate. Notes. I’m not perfectly certain, but I know I’m going to try and make her feel so very special.”


What is your favorite thing to do together?

Angeline: “Go on walks. Eat ice cream. Band stuff.”

Nathan: “Anything. I just like looking at her. She’s gorgeous all the time!!! We love blowing bubbles and taking walks and taking pictures.”


What is your favorite thing about each other?

Angeline: “The way he treats people! He cares so much and is incredibly thoughtful. His hair is also pretty amazing… and I could go on for so long about how much I love his singing/trumpet/piano playing.

(And I’m not surprised he won ‘best to take home to mom’ for the senior superlatives… he’s basically perfect and my family loves him).”

Nathan: “She’s so happy about little things. Bubbles, little kids, sunshine, snowflakes, stars, (me), colors, chalk. So many things. I love everything that she’s happy about, because she’s so precious in her love for ordinary things. She makes them special.”