Black Panther Movie Review & Cultural Significance


Logan Gaertner, Contributor

Black Panther is the latest, big-budget blockbuster superhero extravaganza that is being brought to theaters by the beloved Marvel Studios. At this point in the world of cinema, a lot of people have grown a sense of fatigue with comic book movies, and then comes along Black Panther. The film is blowing people away across the nation, making a total of $201.8 million in its opening weekend (only the fifth movie in history to reach the $200 million opening weekend milestone).

Now, numbers only go so far: what about the quality of the film itself? Well, I can proudly proclaim that the film is truly special, and one of the best films that Marvel has ever put out.

The film stars Chadwick Boseman playing the title role, a man by the name of T’challa who has just lost his father, former king of African country Wakanda, and is trying to keep his nation under control alongside many other colleagues, while a mercenary by the name of Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) tries to overthrow T’Challa as king which will affect the rest of Wakanda, and the world as a whole.

The heart and backbone of Black Panther are its thought-provoking, and at times tragic, narrative. The character of T’Challa goes through the complicated choices of what kind of king he will be for Wakanda, as well as if his country should or should not share their technological advancements with the rest of the world. The conflicting ideologies between T’Challa and the film’s antagonist, Killmonger, make for a very engaging and interesting story.

The other colorful side characters are also a lot of fun and are a very charming addition to the overall scope of the movie, with Danai Gurira’s Okoye, and Letitia Wright’s Shuri being the standouts.

Marveling at the complex, relatable, and fun characters, nail-biting action sequences, the intriguing world building and mythology of the make-believe world of Wakanda, among many other top-notch aspects, Black Panther is a tour de force for Marvel, and is one of their best films!

Upon the movie being a mega hit at the box office and a mega-hit among both audiences and critics, the movie is also a very significant staple in the industry of filmmaking, for this is the first mass-marketed superhero film to feature an all-black ensemble cast, and behind the camera talent being led by African American director Ryan Coogler. Black Panther is a movie that anyone can enjoy. It is a very special, important addition to the world of movies, and should be seen by everyone!