Katherine Biskupic, Class of 2007


Olivia Molter, Photography Editor

Katherine Biskupic is a comedy writer and performer. She now lives in Los Angeles and writes in a female sketch duo that focuses on empowering women through comedy.

Noctiluca: What is your job description?

Biskupic: I’m a comedy writer and performer.

N: How have you reached the position you’re in now? What steps or choices have you made to get here?

B: I performed in shows growing up and was lucky to participate in wonderful theatre programs at Appleton North and UW Madison. In Chicago, Second City helped me build a community and develop a focus on comedy. I found the power in creating roles that give a voice to people and characters I find fascinating (and funny!) but rarely get the spotlight. Now I live in Los Angeles and write in a female sketch duo that focuses on empowering women through comedy.

N: What did you get out of your time at North? How had your high school experience helped your career?

B: Appleton North had so many passionate teachers who helped me discover the joy of active education. I still love to learn because of these teachers. I’m grateful North is a place that values the arts programs. Ron Parker taught me how to create meaningful art through hard work, respectful collaboration and fierce dedication. All while on very little sleep!

N: What is one piece of advice you would give to current North students?

B: Never take advice from a comedy writer!