Band Students Accidentally Transported to Fourth Dimension During Recent Trip *April Fools*

DISCLAIMER: This article is a satire article, and should not be taken as truth or fact. The purpose of this article is for the April Fools series, where we publish satire articles for comedy purposes only. That being said, this article is not fake news, as we are not claiming the content of this article to be true in any way.

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor

Due to a mix-up during the band trip to Europe, one group of band students was accidentally transported to the fourth dimension. “It was very inconvenient,” one band student says, “we had to make an emergency because the pilot was actually two dogs in a trenchcoat pretending to be a person. The closest place to land was in a black hole that leads to the fourth dimension.” The students emergency landing was very inconvenient, as since humans will disappear after extended time in said dimension. “We had to run all over the four-dimensional airport to find somewhere to eat because the kids were hungry, and then when we finally got on our plane to head to Austria, we left two students behind!” says one chaperone. “I was really disappointed that we missed some of our trip by being stuck in the fourth dimension, but I’m just happy that we weren’t there any longer. Oh, and I’m also glad that our old pilot was replaced by 21 Savage, who just happened to be in the fourth dimension that day.”