Tennis players working hard towards a conference tournament victory


Adithi Reddy, Copy Editor

With the girls tennis season in full swing, the players are working hard to build up their stamina, improve their technical skills, and create strategic game plans to end their season with a conference tournament victory. Since the school year is starting shortly, all the athletes are working hard to maintain a healthy balance between extracurriculars, school, and participating on the tennis team. Here, the Noctiluca shares the experiences of six players on this year’s tennis team.

Riley Olson

Noctiluca: Do you like that tennis is not a team, and is non contact sport? Why?

Olson: I like that tennis is a non contact/is not a team sport because it’s different than the other sports I play. I play singles and all my wins and losses are based on my ability to perform. My teammates (even though they do not play with me) support me on and off the court, but when I play, it is only up to me win. Doubles teams have the support of another on the court to pick one another up and talk strategy. When you’re a singles player, you can’t rely on another person, you just focus on yourself. As far as being a non-contact sport, there is less chance for injuries.

Emma Krajnik

Noctiluca: What are your main goals for this year’s tennis season?

Krajnik: I think my main goals would be to feel more confident while playing matches and get a good serve down because everyone knows that’s the hardest part.

Eeshani Buddi

Noctiluca: What has been your best moment on the tennis court?

Buddi: My best moment on the tennis court was during a match at this year’s Bayport Invite. I had won the first set 6-0, and started the second set completely energized. As the set went on, it got hotter and hotter, till I ran out of water and started to feel drained from rallying for so long. My coach, Mr. Soddy, encouraged me and told me that I could still win the match. Many long rallies later, my opponent won the second set 6-2. We had to play a ten point tie-breaker to determine the victor of the match, but right before we began, Coach Soddy gave me a pep talk. He said he knew I could win if I focused on the ball and forgot about how hot it was; so I gave it my all. I ended up winning 10-4 and it was the best feeling ever that I actually made it through the match, thanks to the encouraging people watching.

Ellie Karck

Noctiluca: How do you maintain a healthy balance between school, extracurriculars, and playing on the tennis team?

Karck: Between playing varsity tennis, organizing the yearbook, and participating in the international club, as well as all of the school work that comes along with being a junior, it can be difficult to find a healthy balance between everything I’m involved in. During the tennis season, I set aside a lot of time to focus on my academics, but I also make sure that I find time to relax so I’m not stressed all of the time. Rather than join as many clubs as I am able to, I like to find a few that I enjoy so I can put in as much time and energy into them without feeling overloaded. I find that by setting aside time for academics, and focusing on a few clubs while I play sports, I can maintain a healthy balance between everything during the school year.

Emma Erickson

Noctiluca: Does luck, or bad luck, ever make a difference while playing tennis?

Erickson: I believe that luck has nothing to do with playing tennis. Luck is not something that some people have and others do not. When you play tennis you don’t win points by being lucky. You win points because of the hours of practice you put into that shot. Let’s say your opponent keeps hitting “lucky” shots. They are “lucky” shots to you but just hours of hard work paying off for them.

Sophie Platten

Noctiluca: What are three things that your previous experiences on the tennis team have taught you?

Platten: I’ve learned that even when you fail, others may succeed and their successes are worth celebrating. I’ve learned that your character shows when you decide to put in work and try even when it’s hard. I’ve also learned how to put aside complaints and work.