Early Homecoming

Early Homecoming

Annessa Ihde, Features Editor

This year, homecoming is just three weeks into the school year, one of the earliest homecomings in Appleton North history. Last year, the event took place on the 7th of October, which allowed students enough time to adjust to their class load and then get excited for homecoming.

Traditionally, homecoming is meant to be a dance that receives the new students and welcomes back the old, so it makes sense why it should be held in the first two months of the school year. However, it is hard to get excited about something when we are only given a couple weeks before it happens. We need time to settle into our new schedules and environment before looking forward to the dance. I’m afraid that this year homecoming will sneak up on us, and take place without the usual sense of anticipation. And let’s face it, the excitement leading up to homecoming is just as important and memorable as the actual dance.

But maybe I’m wrong, and the early date of homecoming will increase the amount of participation and enthusiasm surrounding the event. Maybe the memories of summer will still be fresh on our minds and the reality of homework and responsibilities not completely realized. Maybe the closer to the beginning of the school year homecoming is, the less tired we are, and therefore, the more excited we can become.  

Despite the premature nature of this year’s homecoming, or maybe because of it, I think that students who want to enjoy homecoming will be able to enjoy it.