Student Parking Lot Changes at North


Ahmad Abdel-Azim, Junior Editor-in-Chief

Appleton North administration has instituted new changes to the student parking lot. Juniors and seniors have witnessed how congested the Appleton North parking lot becomes on school days in previous years, and the changes established this year will attempt to fix these former concerns.

The most dramatic change is that student parking permits will only be given to upperclassmen. Juniors and Seniors may purchase a parking permit to drive their vehicle to school and park in the school parking lot. Moreover, only one parking permit will be given to each family; if students drive multiple vehicles to school, the parking permit will need to be transferred between vehicles. Permits are available in the Student Services Offices for $5.00.

In previous years, sophomores seeking to park at North were able to secure a permit for their vehicles; however, this year, sophomores will not be allowed to park in the student parking lot.

While they are still permitted to drive to North, parking permits to park in the student parking lot will not be given to underclassmen. Street parking on Ashbury Drive is still available for unrestricted parking.

Finally, students entering the student parking lot may also notice parking spots outlined in blue. These spots are reserved for staff parking.

Due to the limited number of available parking spaces in the student parking lot, administration has decreased the amount of parking permits available for students. Hopefully, these new parking changes will create a more organized and safer environment in the school parking lots.