Coding at Hoco: Pros & Cons

Coding at Hoco: Pros & Cons

Emily Benti and Tashia Ulman


So here’s the tea: North will now be coding students who dance inappropriately at homecoming as well as having students and parents fill out permission slips promising the student will follow these rules. I think that coding for homecoming is a good idea. As teenagers, I think we’re losing the idea of dancing for the sake of dancing: dance to have fun, groove to dumb music, be weird with your friends, have fun. You’ll notice that dancing is really fun. Maybe the coding seems really harsh, but I think it’s a reason within itself to dance for the sake of dancing. Don’t grow up too fast, enjoy these four years while you can. Homecoming is all about what you make of it: if you have the mindset that it’s not going to be a good time, then you’re setting yourself up to have a bad time. Keep an open mind, don’t set expectations. I’ve noticed this attitude that you adapt as you get older, this idea that you’re too cool or too old to do certain things. Well, here’s a news flash: you’re not “too cool” to go to a school activity. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Soak in the most of these four years, they’re going to be gone before you know it. Homecoming is all about dressing up and having fun with your friends — stop making it something more dramatic than it needs to be.

  • As teenagers, we’re losing the idea of dancing for the sake of dancing
  • You’re never “too cool” to go to a school activity
  • It is what you make of it



It all started at the beginning of the year with checking school Ids coming into the building. We noticed it again when we started having to take hall passes to go to the restroom during class. Now we have been threatened, that if we dance “Inappropriately,” we will be coded! It seems a little much to be kicked out of our clubs, suspended from our sports because we want to dance as we please. The new regulations north has put onto its students, not only is infuriating but also simply embarrassing. The student body is being teased, as we get older we are supposed to get more freedom, to choose what we want to do, some of us can even vote, but we do not have the freedom to dance as we want. Homecoming the past years has given high schoolers a safe place to hang out with friends and have a good time, now it will be no surprise when the dance floor is less full than in previous years. Who can dance and let loose when the eyes of volunteers and teachers are staring down our backs. We get the intent, yes, but there comes a point when rules are too strict to have fun.

  • As teenagers, we should have the right to dance as we like
  • Homecoming is supposed to be a carefree time, not with the idea of being coded in the back of our minds all night