Appleton North Choirs Prepare for Second Annual “Concert for a Cause”


Arthur Koenig, News Editor

Appleton North has long had an excellent choir program. Last year, however, Choir Directors Luke Aumann and Marie Putman saw an opportunity for something greater. I spoke with Aumann about this year’s fall “Concert for a Cause,” the motivations behind it, and the plans for the future.

The “Concert for a Cause” idea came about after North’s Choir Directors saw an opportunity to make the fall concert stand out. Said Mr. Aumann: “the Wintersong concert is a set tradition, and the spring concert follows a set theme, so we saw an opportunity in the fall concert to really focus on helping out others.” Following up last year’s concert for the benefit of hurricane victims in Texas, this year’s performance will be giving its proceeds to the Fox Valley Memory Project. This organization aims to improve quality of life for persons living with dementia, as well as their family care partners and friends. Both Choir Directors have witnessed the effects of dementia and its many forms, as so many have. As a result, this cause stood out to them.

The songs for this concert were specifically chosen from an era where people living with dementia may remember them from their adolescence. Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash will be performed by the Overture Bass Choir, Aretha Franklin’s Respect will be sung by the Treble Choral Society, and I Get Around from the Beach Boys by the Varsity Bass Choir, among many others.

The concert will take place at Appleton North on Tuesday, October 16th at 5:00, as well as 8:00. While the concert’s admission is free, donations will be encouraged at the door and throughout the program. Roughly $2,200 was raised at last year’s event, and the goal for this year is to top that number.

When asked if this is something that he would like to continue into the future, Aumann’s response was a resounding “Yes!” So for this concert, and those to come, show your support for North’s Choir Program, as well as towards a great cause.