New Tutoring Service Offers Study Help For North Students

Arthur Koenig, News Editor

NAP, or North Academic Partnership, is a tutoring service at Appleton North founded by Brian Zhou and Sakar Gupta. I spoke with Brian about the group, their motivations, and plans for the future. Zhou, when asked about the reasons for the service, emphasized that he wanted to create an additional positive learning environment at North, while also focusing on student to student interaction at school, something he thought the school could use more of.

While currently not in use, the group will resume tutoring after the winter break, and focus on helping students with ACT or SAT preparations through the months of January and February. Students should sign up to go to the library during I/E or their lunch period to receive help from one of twenty five tutors in nearly any subject.

This is a group that is open to and should be utilized by any student who feels they need some extra help in a class. The tutors are friendly, and always available to help anyone!