North senior petitions AASD to remove “No Hat” policy


Dominic Gianopoulos, senior at North, wears hat at school.

Ahmad Abdel-Azim, Senior Editor-in-Chief

“No hats allowed in school! Please take it off.” I am sure we have all heard a teacher tell this to student as we walk around the North hallways. Most of the time, the student typically sighs and acquiesces to the teacher’s request. However, Logan McGrath, a senior at North this year, questioned this “No Hat” policy and has even written a letter to the AASD to petition it.

“I was motivated to write in favor of overturning the ‘no hats’ policy because of the hostile, unproductive interactions I saw occurring between students and teachers. I noticed that many staff members, when asked why they enforced the rule, could only state that ‘it’s the rule,’ and could not defend the policy any further. We should, I believe, at least be able to hold a genuine conversation about how relevant this policy truly is to the classroom experience.”

Logan has written this letter (see below) on behalf of the Cowboyist Party, which is an independent political party that seeks to protect American liberty and the traditional American way of life. He will submit the letter to the AASD’s office in downtown Appleton, hoping that it will reach the AASD’s board of directors.

While he is finishing up his senior year at North, he hopes that he can empower the student body to carry on his goal of seeing the No Hats policy reevaluated by the district. “I hope to see the policy overturned by the beginning of next school year at the latest, but ideally sometime before the class of 2020 graduates,” Logan remarked.

Click the following link for a copy of the letter being sent to the district… No Hat Policy Petition