?Weekly News Blitz 2/11/20?

Ciaran Cole, News Editor

Weekly Forecast: Week in a Weather Word- Whiteout:

Conditions in which landscapes and landmarks become indistinguishable from each other in heavy snow. Looking outside on Sunday was definitely a reason why the week was labeled this, but also was the confusion surrounding us in politics, government, and… everything, it seems like. Sometimes, the only way to make sure one doesn’t wander off into unexplored territory is to lean on the things that are always there, which can be good or bad depending on your perspective.


Iowans Vote In Caucuses, Sort-Of

The incumbent president, Donald Trump, kicked off the race for the Republican presidential nomination with good news for himself, as he took a hefty amount of delegates in the Midwest state and defeated all his challengers with over 97% of his party’s vote. But since that was highly anticipated anyway, most of the coverage was on the Democratic party’s caucuses, which made for some hyped headlines. After an attempt to modernize proceedings for reporting votes using a new app, tech problems proved to be a nightmare as the app glitched, forcing precinct chairs to call in results the old fashioned way.  The result was jammed phone lines that meant results were postponed from publication for days. Days after the actual caucuses, data had finally been released that showed what was a extremely tight race between candidates, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders. The latest data showed that Buttigieg edged Sanders in counted state delegates by a margin of 14-12 thanks to a strong showing in rural areas, though the popular vote went to the senator who only trailed in SDEs by less than 0.1%. Elizabeth Warren sits in third with state delegate totals, while perceived front runner Joe Biden was shocked with fourth place in this count even though he still leads strongly in national polls. Those totals aren’t final nonetheless, as irregularities in reports have caused questions and the Sanders campaign indicated that it may pursue a recanvas. Could these problems happen again in other caucuses? Because the app used in Iowa’s Democratic Primary was also planned to be used by other states, officials have had to scramble to put together alternative channels to collect data as they ditched the app. Nevada’s democratic residents, who vote in a just a few weeks, have confirmed that they will not use the app and will instead use a plan that the hope does not require any faulty technology.


TX Student Forced To Choose Between Hair and High School

Newt Johnson and his family were delivered heart breaking news when his younger sister Maggie was diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, a rare auto immune condition that causes inflammation in the kidneys and other tissues. The diagnosis meant she had to pull out of school to address her medical needs as she suffered through nausea and hair loss. Distraught from seeing her struggle, Newt decided to start growing out his hair so he could donate it to be made as a wig for her in an effort to help out. However, despite the good intentions of his idea, the sixteen year old in southern Texas found an unlikely obstacle in his way, that being his school district. Poth’s school dress code regulates boys from going out their hair past their ears, which wasn’t sufficient length to make a wig in Newt’s case. Facing potential suspension after months went by from lengthening his locks, Newt was forced to switch over to being home schooled as his high school would not relent, even with the good cause behind him. Newt has continued his project to help out his sister as media and the world have taken notice. Why it’s important? Growing numbers of controversy cases have been subject to our attention in just the past year over school dress code rules, whether it has to do with wrestlers not being able to have dreadlocks or swimsuit stories… It really prompts the question to students whether school dress codes emulate standards or simply lack common sense.



Oscars History Is Made

Although reports indicate the viewership of the annual award show was down from recent years, the night was not short of magical moments. Long waits were finally over for Brad Pitt and Eminem, as they both had big moments to celebrate their acclaimed careers. Pitt received an Academy Award for his supporting acting role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which marked his first ever distinction from the committee for his acting. Meanwhile, Eminem’s belated performance seemed like a blast from the past as he performed his hit, Lose Yourself, which he won an award for as a no-show for seventeen years ago in the category of Best Original Song. Moreover, the biggest performance of the night was capped off by a South Korean horror film, Parasite, whose cast took home four honors: Best Original Screenplay, Best Foreign Film, Best Director, and most importantly Best Picture! Why it’s historic? Parasite is the first non-English language film to win the glamoured prize of the finest film within the year! Bong Joon-ho is now an admired director who is showing how the world of filmography is gaining more and more traction in non-American countries.