Football Fortune Telling: Week 5 (Fantasy & Pick Advice)


Photo Credit: Ken Lund

Ciaran Cole, Senior Editor-In-Chief






Week 5 Picks:






Overall Record:

Game Picks: 41-23

Fantasy Football Leauge: 3-1

Week 3 & 4 Grades:

Game Picks: C+

I went 10-6 and 9-6 in respective weeks but screwed up with the Bears winning on Thursday. Not great, but hey it’s a winning record. I’ve been finding good teams that are emerging from the middle of the pack right now, such as the Colts and Panthers. However, blowing the Chiefs vs Ravens game as well as the Eagles vs 49ers one stings. At least I didn’t pick Buffalo to lose last week.

Fantasy Football: D-

I’ve put up two bad games in a row in my fantasy league and it hasn’t been pretty relying on no-names like Isaiah Ford and Scotty Miller to light up your scoreboard. Yeah, putting ZEROES up isn’t pretty. But to be fair, I had several starters get screwed over with coronavirus (I’m looking at you Cam Newton), so I’m giving myself a little leeway here by not failing me… yet.


Notable Game Picks:

Jaguars @ Texans – At some point, the Texans have to win and this is probably there best opportunity to do so. I mean firing O’Brien might have actually been premature considering how one of the Texans’ best seasons came starting at 0-3. The Jags will run through the Texans, but Deshaun Watson will launch an air-raid over a mismatched Jacksonville coverage. I’m on shootout alert.

Raiders @ Chiefs –  The NFL has been surprising thus far, so why not ask for some more. The Chiefs did not play that great against the QB-clueless Patriots and have headaches to deal with other teams’ and their own virus outbreaks that are making their schedules fly around. Josh Jacobs might have a shot to run through the Chiefs’ linemen who didn’t look so hot against Ekeler a few weeks back.

Vikings @ Seahawks – The Vikings’ offense is being underrated thus far just because of one bad performance vs Indianapolis. But watch out, Justin Jefferson has made a splash after that, and the Seahawks are really, really bad at containing the passing game. But even so, Rusell is still too good to let Dalvin Cook or Kirk Cousins outshine him. See the Vikings blow a third-quarter lead to a Wilson comeback.

Colts @ Browns – Whose defense do I love more than anyone else right now? The Colts. Do I trust the Browns? No. But I got to give Cleveland a tally in the W-Column because Phillip Rivers has not found any rhythm at all thus far. From a unit that forced multiple fumbles against the Cowboys, watch Myles Garret go crazy and force his opponents into some really poor decisions.

Dolphins @ 49ers – I am either starting to hallucinate or maybe I’m just feeling super edgy. There is no way to reason through this pick, but upsets happen for a reason. Even with Garropolo coming back, and George Kittle going insane, something is telling me to do this. I’m already looking forward to making fun of myself next week.

Other Picks:

Bengals @ Ravens, Panthers @ Falcons, Cardinals @ Jets, Eagles @ Steelers, Rams @ Football Team, Giants @ Cowboys, Titans @ Bills, Saints @ Chargers, Patriots @ Broncos

Fantasy Advice:

Reminder, I play in a regular PPR league with typical scoring rules and rosters.

Start: Cardinals D, Justin Jefferson, Jarvis Landry, Tyler Higbee

Bench: Joe Burrow, Carson Wentz, Tre’Quon Smith

Risk-It: James White, Randall Cobb, Darius Slayton, Zach Ertz

Pick-Up: Alex Smith, Mike Williams, Damien Harris

And that’s it! Stay with me till Week 6…