Football Fortune Telling – Week 7 (Game Picks and Advice)

Ciaran Cole, Senior Editor-In-Chief





Week 7 Picks:






Overall Record:

Game Picks: 59-35

Fantasy Football Leauge: 4-2

Week 5 Grades:

Game Picks: F

My mojo has taken a hit after an awful weekend for football. The world is upside now that the Bears lead the NFC North and the Miami Dolphins are within playoff-striking distance. So can anyone blame me for Packers and Sunday Noon Picks? Don’t answer that. Picking the Bengals, Browns, and Jaguars is enough punishment. Atleast the Eagles got a comeback on Thursday night to help me out to start this week!

Fantasy Football: D+

Picks we’re really bad outside of Chase Claypool, Travis Fulgham, De’Andre Swift, and the Miami D. Like Andy Dalton BAD. That’s way worse than Jarret Stidham Bad. Somehow though, I found a way to win my leauge with a decent showing from Derrick Henry. Anyone who doesn’t believe in Tennesse should automatically delete themselves from their leauge.

Notable Game Picks:

Lions @ Falcons –  I changed this pick last minute. The Lions aren’t bad anymore, but Atlanta won last week, and that changes things. Last year when Atlanta finally got itself out of a whole, the Falcons engineered a rampage against playoff teams that went virtually unnoticed. No matter if the Lions win the NFC North or not the Falcons have a vicious offense with Calvin Ridley. I’m 0-6 on Atlanta all year but hey now is the time to win with a Matt Ryan rushing touchdwon.

Dallas @ Football Team – Okay, DON’T LOOK ABOVE FOR THE FIRST TWO PICKS.  It took me some time after making some picks earlier to get the media cycles out of my brain that are all about mediocre teams getting comebacks. Who believes in a team that fumbles the ball (yeah Zeke was real helpful) and has Andy Dalton at their quarterback? I mean some of Dallas’ Most Gullible right? But, if you don’t have a gallon sized hat you realize that Kyle Allen is somewhat good at times so I’ll take an incosistent team over a crazy one all day. We can’t say Dallas is going to bounce back after every game because they really aren’t. The Eagles (as injured as they’ve been) should feel like they have the most capable roster right now, and both these teams are playing in their shadow. Mike McCarthy lost because he couldn’t controll an offense and he’ll get fired twice because of it too.

Packers @ Houston -I’d normally pick Houston as an upset here because that’s what my gut tells me. I mean the Packers are injured and always play relatively bad in the middle of seasons due to offensive line problems, then of course lose any momentum they have at random points. The Packers offense has been overrated and its no fluke that they have. Last week was the third week Rodgers had been throwing the ball too high and pass-catchers forgot the second word in the job. However, what the Packers do have is coaching with Matt La Fleur. Do the Texans have that right now? No. Deshaun Watson might score two rushing touchdowns but in the end I think the Packer’s turnover drought ends and the Packers hold-on.

Bucaneers @ Raiders – Tampa fans, hoping to bring home 3 Titles to Florida with the Rays and Lightning, has to feel good with the Antonio Brown signing. Asking one of those Magic 8 Balls, could you see the storyline being that Brady flunks this game and Antonio Brown saves him Week 8? I don’t think so. Tampa did get forced to play third downs a lot last week and the offense is not going to be as hot as everyone expects. Ronald Jones wasn’t standout and neither were many recievers except for Gronk last week, so I do expect the losing team to score under 20 points. But, I also expect Josh Jacobs to get absolutely stuffed, as he has been plagued with a unexpected rough rushing schedule to start. Raiders stall on a late fourth quarter drive down by four. Carr isn’t that great out of sudden guys, C’mon!

Panthers @ Saints – The Panthers, even losing last week played some mean football. Teams that have played against Chicago in the last three weeks are a combined 5-2 after the fact. I think that trend continues with my other picks. The Saints for whatever reason are playing Michael Thomas like they thought that DK Metcalf was getting traded to them for free. But anyway, Brees still gets lots of praise for not so great games and everyone still pretends that New Orleans is the defensive stronghold it was last year. Know a 1-5 team who played with a fiery defense last year? The Vikings. They beat the Saints last time they played (reminder Brees didn’t play well then either). The Saints will fade and the Panthers will explode under Robby Anderson this week. Three 25+ yards plays for him guarenteed in a 10-point win for Carolina.

Steelers @ Titans – Should you pick an undefeated team or a team with no losses? Easy decision, right? For me, it is actually: Titans. As I usually like to do with my predictions, I like give comps to teams and this Steelers team has the hallmarks of flip-or-flop team like the Raiders. They pull of some glory over the big teams but battle it out with teams they should beat by a mile. Cleveland, they did beat by a mile. If you convert total yards to feet… then inches -I’m just kidding. But seriously, the Ravnes beat them and haven’t looked good this year. The Steelers almost choked against an underrated Eagles team, not to mention the Broncos and Texans as too. On ther other hand the Titans actually fall behind often and then Tannehill explodes to your pick of AJ Brown/Derrick Henry/Adam Humphries to seal a comeback like every other game. So if you break it down to a good team that almost blows games versus a team that has to flip the scoreboard in most their games, it’s kind of basic science then. Gotkowski misses a first half field goal, but seals a game-clincher before the two minute warning.

Bears @ Rams – What do you call a team that defies reality checks? The Bears. No matter how much you expect them to loose and pretend to not root for them because you know it usually stings when you do, this season is giving us reasons to feel odd. The last time the Bears had a reign over the NFC North, they were a good team and lost a Superbowl chance due that double or triple boink against the goalpost. On the other hand the Rams kept getting fed hype, or at least until last week they did. Aside a beatdown of Washington, has anyone stepped up for the team? Cooper Kupp has been quiet, the run game has been mixed up, and Goff is very incosistent. The one thing we an count on is four Chicago sacks on the Rams, where there is some under the radar bad blood between these teams.

Other Game Picks:

Bills @ Jets, Cleveland @ Bengal, Broncos @ Chiefs, Seahawks @ Arizona, Jaguars @ Chargers, 49ers @ Patriots

Fantasy Advice:

Reminder, I play in a regular PPR league with typical scoring rules and rosters.

Start: Cole Beasly, Mike Williams, James White, Teddy Bridgewater

Bench: Jared Goff,  Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp

Risk-It: Cleveland D,  James Robinson, Greg Olsen,  Rob Gronkowski

Pick-Up: Antonio Brown, Greg Ward, Ryan Tannehill

Wait till I show you what I got for Week 7!