Appleton North’s favorite summer movies of 2015

Rachel Sina, Contributor

This summer produced a plethora of successful and entertaining movies, as multiple North students acclaim. Spreading numerous genres, this summer’s most popular films include Universal Studios’ Jurassic World and Pixar’s Inside Out. After gleaning some North students’ perspectives, it is easy to understand the reasoning behind their preferred summer flicks:

Caroline Holmes, Freshman: Inside Out is a wonderful movie for all ages. Not only is it my number one movie of the summer, it’s definitely in my top ten all time favorites. Although many seem to have dismissed the movie as childish and immature, simply because it’s a cartoon, this movie provides realism, relatability and emotion for all ages. The plot is very well-developed with characters you can easily connect to. Anyone who has ever felt feelings will automatically relate to this movie, and you’ll catch yourself crying despite your best efforts, and laughing at the cheesiest of jokes. It’s perfect to see with friends and family and I would highly recommend it for anyone ages 2 months to 182.

Sam Stratton, Sophomore: I really liked Ant Man! I loved the plot and Paul Rudd’s acting was awesome. I also thought some of the jokes they slipped in were pretty great. The action scenes in the movie were really well done, plus it’s really cool how the characters were shrinking down all the time! I loved how dopey the roommates were! Especially when they were first meeting at the beginning. It was overall a really well rounded movie with action, humor, and drama.

Sophie Plzak, Junior: I went to see Insidious 3 with my friends because we all liked the two previous films. I was a fan of Stephanie Scott already, who played the lead, Quinn. The whole movie was terrifying and every opportunity they had to put in a jump scare, they used. I have never been more scared in the middle of a movie theater before. A boy who was on a date ran out in the middle of the movie leaving his girlfriend behind.

Jack Russell, Senior: Jurassic World is the summer sequel that inevitably turned out to be not only one of the most anticipated films of all time, but also an incredibly entertaining experience. I’m also quite relieved that this film seems to gloss over sequels II and III (which I thought definitely underperformed) and act as a direct sequel to Jurassic Park, adding in nods to the first movie: the velociraptors, the two kids who always seem to be seconds away from being brunch, and of course, the jeep wranglers ridden in by Jeff Goldblum in the original masterpiece. It however did not quite live up to the months of over-commercialized hype, or even the vines parodying the classic music, but it was a brilliant film and it goes to show that Chris Pratt is no longer Andy Dwyer. And he’s hotter. A lot hotter.

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