Humans of Appleton North: Breanna Endter-Tiller

Humans of Appleton North: Breanna Endter-Tiller

Kyra Carstensen, Contributor

Goodbye Bailey

“The first two days after was really hard, not having my best friend greet me by the door as I got home.”

Breanna Endter-Tiller got Bailey when she was 8 years old. Bailey was a chocolate lab who quickly became friends with the shy 8-year-old. They played and went on walks together, and Bailey was always there for comfort.

“I still remember how excited I was when I bought the book Dog Training for Dummies with my own money,” she commented, but sadly she “had to put her down on the last day of school 2016.”

The months after the loss of Bailey, Breanna has spent her time saving up for a car, touring colleges, and hanging out with friends and being within the comfort of her family.

“I miss the little things about my puppy; like when she would pick out all the bits of chicken out of her food bowl before eating the rest of the food! It was so cute!”          

“I will always miss the nights where Bailey tried to cheer me up when I was sick.”