Fashion Club sells and delivers cake pops


Fashion club members Maddi Klepps (left), Safari Busnelli (center), and Addisyn Kohlbeck (right). Photo by Skye Iwanski

Sarah E. Fleming, Website Design Editor

We thought it would be a really fun idea to sell something unique and cute,” says Addisyn Kohlbeck, Fashion Club co-president. It was something they thought of before but they only started selling cake pops this year. The money from their hot chocolate sales went to the Humane Society, but the funds from their cake pop sales will go towards their spring fashion show.

Kohlbeck says she loved making the cake pops all day on Sunday in the foods room. “We made a bunch of cakes, rolled them into balls with frosting, and then we glazed them.” “I think cake pops are a fun way to enjoy something sweet or give to a special someone,” Kohlbeck says.

Fashion Club will be selling and taking orders for cake pops until Wednesday, and then will be delivering the ordered cake pops to homerooms on Thursday.