What you need to know for Lovestruck Week


Alex Hohman

Signs of Lovestruck week are already springing up in the hallways at school. Students should watch for the arrival of paper hearts on Monday morning.

Addisyn Kohlbeck, Contributor

A parade of booths line up across the commons selling different treats to give to your special someone and paper hearts with each student’s name scour the walls around the school in honor of Valentine’s Day. Lovestruck week is right around the corner and here is all the scoop on what you need to know in the week ahead.

Mrs. Teri Berlowski, the Student Council adviser behind planning this year’s Lovestruck Week, describes the events happening as “a good break between homecoming and the end of the school year.” 

There will be a pep assembly on Tuesday, Feb. 14 that will feature fun activities that students can participate in.

During the week, there will be themed days that every student can wear according to the day. The themes are:

  • Monday: Stoplight Day (wear green if you are single, yellow if you are crushin’ on someone, and red if you are taken)
  • Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Colors (red, pink and white)
  • Wednesday: Multiplicity Day (dress alike with a group of friends)
  • Thursday: Rodney Day

Different clubs will be selling things throughout the week in the commons:

  • DECA will be selling Bath Kisses (during all lunch hours all week)
  • Drama Club will be selling Singing Telegrams ( selling: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during all lunch hours, delivering: Thursday)
  • Global Education Achievement Certificate Students will be selling Pulsera Project Bracelets (all lunch hours all week)
  • Student Council will be selling popcorn (during all lunch hours all week)
  • Fashion and Design Club will be selling cake pops (selling: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during all lunch hours, delivering: Thursday)
  • International Club will be selling bonbons (during all lunch hours all week)
  • Latino Club will be selling hot chocolate (during all lunch hours all week)
  • NHS has a sign up to donate blood for the Blood Drive (during all lunch hours all week) (The Blood Drive will be happening on Feb. 22)

See below for a slideshow of Monday’s festivities.


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