Humans of Appleton North: Talia Roselaar

Mya Koffie

Talia Roselaar, a freshman at Appleton North High School this year, exudes maturity and kindness. A pianist, violinist, and member of the Fox Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra, Talia understands the importance of discipline and practice. When asked about how she got into music, she jokes, “I started, and I really liked it!” Later, Talia explains that her “family is pretty musical.” Her father and each of her siblings also play instruments, and Talia grew up around music. 

Her family introduced Talia to more than music, though. “My older sister did ballet, and so did my brother,” she recounts. Today, Talia herself is a member of the Makaroff Youth Ballet pre-professional company. “My biggest passion is ballet,” she admits. Talia recognizes the nuances of dance, and consistently rises to the challenges it presents. “It takes a lot of commitment and dedication…I got two blisters, just today…[but] when I’m performing, it’s not like anything else,” Talia expounds. “When you realize that you’re creating art, it’s a great feeling.”

At North, Talia is involved in Drama Club and was elected the Social Media Coordinator of the Student Council. When asked about attending Appleton North, Talia voices her appreciation for the “opportunities to meet different people through clubs and different classes.” Her genuine, welcoming spirit shines through her words. This year, Talia intends “to figure out more of what I’m passionate about, I guess, and develop my passions some more.” Given her admirable drive and impressive devotion, Talia Roselaar is surely off to wonderful things – and a great start at Appleton North High School.


Appeared in the October 2021 Noctiluca (Humans of Appleton North) Issue.