Humans of Appleton North: Isaiah Mahnke

Caroline Holmes, Contributor

Isaiah Mahnke is a Senior at Appleton North High School with a passion for all forms of dance. He dances competitively with All That Dance Studio, as well as training with Inclusion and Pep in Your Step dance studio. Isaiah dances for on average 25 hours a week, and plans on majoring in dance in college with a minor in social working.

“I’ve been dancing for seven years. My first dance was a hip hop routine called “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. I started competition three years later, and I didn’t really have much success, so I was like, maybe I should quit, maybe I shouldn’t? But I decided to keep with it, and I made it to an amazing point in my life where it just all clicked for me, and it just seemed amazing! I do want to major in dance, I’m going to go to Stevens Point to major in dance and social working as well, and I do see it in my future, because I’m a senior this year. I know this is said a lot, but dance is literally everything to me. Without dance, I wouldn’t be Isaiah.”