Superlative Spotlight: Carmen Danz and Mitch Mologne

“Most Likely to Win Game Show”


From left to right: Carmen Danz and Mitch Mologne

Jake Zajkowski, Junior Editor in Chief

Jan. 27 brought the Senior Superlative Award Show to life and honored seniors for many different reasons, but who is the name behind the game? Or rather, gameshow. This year put two very outspoken people, Carmen Danz and Mitch Mologne, into the spotlight and awarded them with the title of “Most Likely to Win a Game Show.”

“Me being on a game show wouldn’t really be good, but it definitely would be entertaining to see,” said Danz. She sees game shows as big personality vs knowing random facts. “I’m definitely not a random facts person.” However, Danz hasn’t always been the loud outspoken person she is now, being more of a shy and quiet person when she was younger. “When I was younger, I was the quietest thing, but as I got older, the volume button just went up and up.” She makes fun of herself for most laughs, but all in good humor, saying “I’m not afraid to talk a lot like I’m not afraid to laugh at myself.” Danz didn’t think that just her friends voted for her, “It’s not unknown that I’m loud and crazy.” This senior fits the big personality to a tee, with a casual and comical presence and a big smile to match.

“I definitely could win a game show! I’d love to be on one,” said Mologne. His loud outgoing personality has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. “Being outgoing sets me up since I’m not afraid to try new things, but I’m prone to getting roasted. Even by teachers.” Mologne sees himself as more of the random facts side of a game show contestant. He thinks it was a fitting award for him, especially with his personality. “It’s shown in my excitement in class. I’m very energetic, loud, sometimes obnoxious.” Mologne thinks that game show winners are usually intelligent, energetic, and expressive and thinks he is up for the challenge. “I think the Nobel Peace Prize Award would’ve been a good one to win, but the Game Show one really fits my personality.