Superlative Spotlight: Claire Huss and Oscar Brautigam

“Most Changed since Freshman Year”


Oscar Brautigam and Claire Huss with their freshman year school photo

Amara Neitzke, Contributor

Change is inevitable over the course of four years. Claire Huss and Oscar Brautigam were affected the most because they were voted most changed since freshman year.

Freshman year, Brautigam was a year-round athlete, playing both football and track, whereas now he takes part in theater. If Oscar was able to go back and tell his freshman self something, he would want him to start theater in the beginning and apply himself academically.

Claire Huss freshman year was friendly with everyone. She was involved in volleyball, basketball, and softball. However, Huss experienced loss of friends through the years, through fights, moves, or unfortunate deaths. This lead Huss to focus on herself, seek out interests, and find out who she really is. She wants her freshman self to, “Do what you want to do, do what you believe in, and be confident.”

When asked what changed most, ironically, both students commented on their hairstyles. “I actually am getting hair cuts, I grew a beard, and somewhat got a sense of fashion, ” said Brautigam. “I’ve been through a lot of hair transformations since freshman but I also think I’ve been really true to myself, more than I was freshman year” stated Huss.

Four years from now, both Brautigam and Huss said how they will hope to be pursuing their career and passions.