Superlative Spotlight: Calum Fraser and Valentino Juergens

“Quickest to Leave America”


Tino Juergens and Calum Fraser

Andrea Calzada-Vera, Contributor

As graduation approaches for the class of 2017 in June, everyone will go their separate ways, or perhaps meet again in the future. Returning to homeroom every Monday will end. Seeing familiar and new faces in the hallways or waiting for Friday to come will be a thing of the past.  

The class of 2017 awarded kind-hearted, comical Calum Fraser and down to earth Valentino Juergens the senior superlative, “Quickest to Leave America.” Both were known to have plans to venture out of the U.S. after graduation.

Two weeks before the Senior Superlative Award Show, Fraser tweeted, ”I’m applying for Canadian citizenship today and that’s probably the coolest Christmas gift I’ve ever received.”

Fraser’s family is rooted in Canada and Scotland. He is very excited to spend time with his family in Canada and is aiming for a sports management position for a hockey team after college. He recommends going there to get a different perspective and to see the beautiful scenery and clean cities that Canada has. He is a first generation American who keeps up with current events and likes to keep track of what is happening in other parts of the world. Fraser believes that there are many benefits to being globally aware. One of them, being able to reach conclusions that will be more widely accepted and solutions that are more logical and open for compromise for everyone.

“Traveling is one of the most important things in life. The experiences you have from traveling broadens your mind. A lot of people don’t really think about how other people have it,” Fraser said.

Valentino Juergens, on being globally aware, commented, “Being a bit more worldly and knowing more than one language definitely gives a leg up in learning languages, culture, and food.”

Juergens, a citizen of Germany and America, is a student with strong language skills and has two passports. Fluent in German and English, Juergens has also studied Spanish for eight years. He plans to leave to Germany to study psychology.

Juergens has not mentioned any plans returning to the U.S. anytime soon, but he recommends getting out of Wisconsin at least once, “to get what’s going on.” Fraser hopes to live in Florida when he retires. Despite their plans, both agreed that they will miss the friends that they have made.

“Will always remember how Appleton was a nice little city,” Juergens said.