Superlative Spotlight: Rachel Sina and Maddy Schilling


Adison Cole, Contributor

Both Rachel Sina and Maddy Schilling won the award of “Most Likely To Be On Broadway” during the Senior Superlative ceremony.
“Drama is just a really creative and visceral way to express certain themes whether philosophical, personal, or topical,” is Schilling’s opinion on drama. “Performing has always been a constant passion throughout my life.” Sina expresses that theatre is a creative outlet for her.
As for getting into Broadway, however, is a very hard thing to accomplish, as is making a living off of theatre. Seeing this, Schilling most likely will not choose theatre as a career. “But seeing as I carry my behemoth of a script binder with me wherever I go, I’m not exactly surprised that people thought of me when a theatre-related award was introduced.”
“I am not planning on going into theatre after high school, but I love being a part of the wonderful family that is the ANHS theatre department. Everyone involved is so passionate about our work- we take so much pride in being excellent and groundbreaking in the craft.Receiving this award is an honor in my mind. I don’t see myself actually being on Broadway, but it’s really cool to be recognized by students in my potential.”
Maddy and Rachel have both been in theatre for a while. They spend a lot of time together and act quite alike. Maddy believes that “people typecast us as ‘those theatre girls’ pretty quickly; this is despite the fact that neither of us was in a show last year.
 When asked how they felt that they were awarded, Maddy said that “I think it’s really sweet, since we’re both such good friends and have already been through a good number of shows together that have shaped our experiences and our friendship.”
Rachel is “proud that my close friend Maddy and I won this award together. I think it’s cool that we got this recognition, even though neither of us is really planning on pursuing theatre as a career!”