What’s in a name? North student Valentino Juergens on Valentine’s Day


Tino Juergens and Raven Wilson embrace each other, and Lovestruck Week.

Madelyn Kapheim, Contributor

Feb. 14 is just another day to North Senior Valentino Juergens, despite the fact that his name directly corresponds with this national holiday.

“People think I was born on Valentine’s Day, but I was not.”

Valentino’s parents got the idea for the name from a Beanie Baby, of all things.

The Juergens are originally from Germany, where Valentine’s Day is much less popular. Now being in the United States he gets “a ton of crap” for his name, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Most of Valentino’s friends and teachers don’t even know his name is Valentino. He’s gone by Tino for as long as he can remember.

“I really just write Valentino on important papers.”

Check out the slideshow below for photos from the pep rally:

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