Homecoming dancing rules will be strictly enforced

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor

If you have ever been to a homecoming dance, chances are you’ve seen people dancing inappropriately. This year, strict rules regarding inappropriate dancing will be more enforced.

“If a student is dancing in a way or a manner that would not be accepted in the hallways, then it will be disciplined,” says Associate Principal Mr. Patrick Lee.

Students who bought a homecoming ticket signed an agreement slip stating that they will follow school rules and dance appropriately. If students are caught dancing inappropriately, they will be asked to stop, asked to leave the dance floor, asked to leave the dance entirely, or staff will call their parent(s) or guardian(s) at home.

If there are a large number of students dancing inappropriately, the administration will turn the lights on or change the music.

“The reason we are pursuing it and have been pursuing it for a while is students have asked us to intervene and so have parents,” Mr. Lee said. “Let’s just have fun.”