Inside Appleton North’s Pep Band


Henry Ptacek and Silvia Knighten

The beginning of the school year means many things for many people. But for most, it means the start of football season and subsequently, Friday night lights. Friday night lights encompasses so many more things than football, including pep band: a group of students led by drum majors Jared Peterson, Sonia Tallroth, and Anna Schwartz. Conductor Jim Thaldorf ensures every year that the band is in top shape to perform for the crowds.

The band students line up for every home football game and play their iconic pep band tunes while marching in well-learned formations. During the summer months, the students meet in the band room for a three day marching band camp in preparation for the football season. Before each game, the students warm up and collect their instruments. The percussionists grab their marching gear and practice a couple of cadences to get ready to march the band out to the track. Meanwhile, the band goes through a couple of scales, and then they are ready to go.

While out on the track the band plays for pre-game, quarters, for half-time, and every time the team scores. Come support the pep band and the football team at the next home game on September 21st for Homecoming.