Fall Fashion: Back to School or Back to the 70’s?


Photo courtesy of Maddy Schilling

Sophie Plzak, junior, sporting a denim jacket, suede skirt, and Doc Martens boots.

Rachel Brosman, Advertising/Social Media Manager


The 70’s are back, baby. At least, the clothing is back. This fall, retail and online stores are capitalizing on the revival of the hippie decade by stocking up on pieces that the crew from “That 70’s Show” would be sure to sport. Among these pieces, some of the most prominent trends include: soft suede texture, fringe details, bold flare pants, and denim skirts. Thankfully, many of these styles make for effortless summer to fall transitional pieces that are even wearable in the hallways of Appleton North.

Texture can make or break both the comfort and the individuality of a clothing piece. This season’s fabric MVP is undoubtedly that of suede. Over the years, suede has become more known as the “Ugg fabric” than a fashion statement. Now, suede gives a cool factor to just about anything: outerwear, crop tops, leggings, and wrap skirts to name a few. Not only does suede provide a luxurious feel, but the heavy fabric protects from the cold. Suede is generally accompanied by a daring detail- fringe. Cause’ what sounds better than twirling around in a fringe jacket?

If the latest runways predict anything, it is that skinny jeans are slowly on their way out. Flare pants and jeans are the alternative- a completely contrasting silhouette from the classic skinny. Embroidered and created with lightweight textures and unique patterns, fabric flared pants give off a signature 70’s vibe, and can be easily toned down with a neutral top. In addition, flare jeans are as frightening as they may sound. This silhouette can actually give curves to your body and added interest to any outfit.

Denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. However, it is always being reworked and revamped to express the latest trend. Currently, denim skirts are the perfect compliment to the 70’s trend. With snap buttons down the front and a high-waist fit, a denim skirt would pair perfectly with a simple t-shirt. This bottom could come in any range of washes, and be either flared or fitted.