September Horoscope 2018

September Horoscope 2018

Noctiluca Staff

Aries – As summer comes to an end, it is time to reflect on how the pace of your life. Be sure to keep a healthy pace and don’t forget to enjoy the time you have with friends and “smell the flowers.”

Taurus – The new year reigns in new opportunities, and now is when you need to act! Changing your perspective could bring positive outcomes for the months to come

Gemini – The Gemini start school in a spot of mental stability. Struggles and tumult may come your way but you will be able to overcome and grow as a person

Cancer – Energy is abound for the Cancer, like a fully charged lightning rod. Mark things off your to do list, but make sure not to over work yourself, as exhaustion can quickly sap motivation

Leo – Your predisposition to anger may lead to some unfortunate occurrences. Be sure to keep calm and be aware of your mental status.

Virgo – Time to tidy up! It’s the perfect time to clean and reorganize, whether it be your room, your backpack, even your priorities. Fresh scenery can lead to a fresh feeling, and a new outlook.

Libra – School can be stressful, and this effects the Libra most of all the signs. Take a deep breath, and be sure to step back, as the stress will soon fade and the outcomes will yield positive rewards

Scorpio – The Scorpio has the sense of awareness, and must share this awareness with those around them. Use this awareness to bring change to your life, as positive outcomes are probable.

Sagittarius – The Sagittarius is filled with vigor. Cold season may be on the up and up soon, but the Sagittarius will be able to either avoid the sniffles or conquer the stuffy grasp of winter.

Capricorn – Grounded in reality, the Capricorn is undaunted by minor distractions. Be sure to keep your goal in mind, as following your path should yield a bountiful result

Aquarius – The Aquarius goes with the flow this month, keeping with the crowd as the school year starts up. Serenity is your ally this month, as you worries will roll off your shoulders if you stay clam.

Pisces – The Pisces is hyperactive and motivated, but be sure to channel your energy to the right tasks. splitting your focus can lead to disaster, so be sure to prioritize correctly.