Cheers and Jeers Week of 11/9/15

Kate Bennett and Maddy Schilling



Chromebooks: who needs textbooks when you have a $343 paperweight?


Graphing calculators: I’m sure retro games really improve math scores


Slow Walkers: you can’t out walk your responsibilities, so you might as well take it easy in the halls.


Mechanical pencils: just when you think they’re done, they keep pushing on


Party at the PAC: tomorrow’s soap opera stars today




Cold and Flu season: grab your hazmat suits everyone, this one’s gonna be rough.


Scraping ice off your windshield: the fine line between “I can sorta see” and “this is definitely illegal.”


Daylight Savings: morning driving gets interesting. Was that shadow a deer? We’ll never know!


1st Quarter grades: your brain knows it’s just a progress report, but your heart doesn’t.