Cheers and Jeers Week of 9/3/17

Cheers and Jeers Week of 9/3/17

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor


Friends: seeing friends at school that you didn’t see over the summer is a blessing in disguise. It’s even better if you have some classes with them

October: school starting means Halloween is just around the corner, which means Thanksgiving is close by, which means winter break starts in 15 weeks!

Fall: who couldn’t be excited about the sudden chill in the air? Even those who love the heat have to admit that not being sweaty all day is a huge bonus


Day one: the first day of school is always stressful, no matter what your grade is. Where do I sit at lunch? Is this class going to be hard? What if I’m forced to do one of those introductions activities?!

Sleep schedule: rest in peace to all the people who are still used to sleeping in when school starts

Actual coursework: going back to school doesn’t seem all that bad until the syllabuses end and the actual coursework begins