Cheers and Jeers Week of 10/23/17

Cheers and Jeers Week of 10/23/17

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor


Four-day weekend: the first break of the school year, and we couldn’t be more excited to relax (except if you’re a teacher)

Electric blankets: cozying up to an electric blanket on a cold night is a treat

Apple cider: you cannot live fall to the fullest without a nice mug of apple cider, warm or cold


Dull weather: where is the sun? Why is it so dark outside when I leave for school in the morning? Why is it making me so tired just looking outside?

December holiday decorations in stores: it’s not even Halloween yet??? Why????

Looking at your phone before you go to bed: well, I originally planned to go to bed at 10:30 but now it’s 11:45 and I’m stalking my cousin’s girlfriend’s snake’s Insagram account. Oh well.