Athletes of the month: Anna Duehring and Garner Kohrell

AJ Floodstrand, Sports Editor

Anna Duerhing

Grade: Junior

Photo Courtesy of Anna Duehring
Photo Courtesy of Anna Duehring

Sport: Appleton United Hockey

Postion: Defense

Why is she athlete of the month?

Last season Duerhing was selected  as Post Cresent First Team, All Conference and she is currently a Captain for Appleton United.

NoctilucaWhen did you start playing Hockey ?

Anna:I started playing hockey when I was 4 years old.                                

 NWhat do you love most about Hockey?

 A: What I love the most about hockey is the fast pace of the game and the passion that always comes along with the sport, no matter who is playing.

N: What is your favorite Hockey memory?

A: I don’t know if I could point out a specific memory, but any bus ride with my team is always one to remember!

N: Why do you feel people should come to Hockey Games?

A: I know that for me and many other teammates, having people watching us and supporting us raises the bar of excitement during games, plus they’re super fun!

N: What are your expectations/hope to accomplish for the Hockey season?

A: I really hope that by the end of the season I can say that I put in every ounce of effort in every practice and game, along with being the best leader on the team that I could be.

N: Finish this sentence at the end of the season Appleton United Girls Hockey will be….??

A: …. the strongest team we have ever been!

Garner Kohrell                                                                                                                                 Katherine Hackney

Grade: Senior

Sport: Swimming

Why is Kohrell Athlete of the Month? 

 He is ranked as the second best swimmer in Wisconsin according to  Outside of the high school swim season he swims year round for the Fox Valley Wave swim team. Kohrell will continue his swimming career at the Division One level at University of Minnesota.

Noctiluca: When did you start swimming?

Garner: I started swimming when I was 9 years old for the Community Swim Team in Brillion, WI.

N: What do you love most about swimming?

G: It gives you mental and physical skills to overcome nearly any obstacle in life, and I love the friendships I have with people from the Fox Valley Area and all across the country.  

N: What is your favorite swim memory?

G: It would probably have to be when I placed 5th at Speedo’s (A national/zone swim meet)

N: Why should students go to swim meets?

G: I think students should go to swim meets because it is truly a completely different sport to experience and they should at least go to one meet.

N: What are  your expectations/hope to accomplish this season?

G: I hope to qualify for the Olympic Trials, and I want to see Appleton North/East win at either sectionals or conference.

 N: Finish this sentence… At the end of the year Appleton North/East Swim team will be…………..???

G: At the end of the year Appleton North/East swim team season will have improved as an overall and hopefully be sending about four guys to state.